Update on the threat reported on 5/6 - Chinese School will open as usual on 5/13



经过理性分析判断,学校决定本周日5/13中文学校照常进行, 警方将全程在场以协助应对和采取必要保护措施,华社董事长缪丽华女士也将到校支持,学校一切活动照常进行。家长可自由决定是否让您的孩子到校上课。

根据以往的经验,此类威胁性留言大多只是恶作剧,Shenendehowa High School 和Guilderland High School 都有此类事件报告过,最终除了搞恶作剧的学生被捕并没有任何事情发生。

有些年轻人把这些威胁仅仅当作恶作剧,并不知道此类事件可能面临刑法的严重后果和影响。 我们建议所有家长向您的孩子解释这类威胁会制造不必要的恐慌,严重影响学校的正常教学秩序,并造成公共资源的重大浪费。

恳请大家协助调查,特别是本周日也请所有老师、家长和学生睁大眼睛,如有任何蛛丝马迹,请立即联络校方:Principal校 长        Jie Wang  王洁  763-1719    principal@albanychineseschool.org

Council Chair校董主席 Xufeng Sun孙旭峰 859-4095    xufeng.sun@gmail.com

Vice Principal 副校长 Dawei Liu 刘大卫 439-1958    i6liu@yahoo.com

Vice Principal 副校长 Jian Xu   徐健   961-1531    jxuonline@gmail.com


Dear Parents,

Regarding the threatening note written on a wall in a bathroom stall in Shaker Junior High School on last Sunday, we are closely working with the police and there is no update to report so far. It is still under investigation.

After careful consideration, we have decided to have the Chinese School as usual on 5/13. As a precaution the district will have a group of police officers present throughout the whole Chinese School time this Sunday. Ms. Lee-Hua Miaw, the CCC board Chair, will be at school too. The parents can decide whether your child will come to school this Sunday.

Based on past experiences, when these threats occur and are widely reported, we typically see copycat threats. Shenendehowa High School and Guilderland High School reported these threats before and finally nothing happened except for the arrest of the trouble makers. 

Young people who believe these threats to be a fun prank, they need to understand that it has serious consequences such as school suspension and criminal charges. We encourage all parents to talk to your children and explain that these threats seriously impact our ability to educate all students and waste public resources. They create anxiety for parents, students and staff and an atmosphere of fear that is not conducive to learning.

We appreciate the fact that students, parents and staff members are speaking up and reporting things. Please take comfort in the fact that we take all threats seriously, follow proper protocols and vigilantly pursue those responsible.  We will continue to monitor the situation. If you find something or see something, please immediately contact us.

Thank you for your continued support.