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2002年毕业于常德师范学院(现湖南幼儿师范高等专科学校),中师大专班,获基础教育学专科学位,同年获湖南师范大学汉语言文学本科学位。毕业后任教于常德师范学院附属小学,担任班主任及年级组长。2002-2006年,从一年级教到四年级。2006年考入首都师范大学文学院,2009年获现当代文学硕士学位,同年夏天来美。2017-2019在Clarkson University中文教育硕士。



I want to help other people through my teaching. I have unconditional love in teaching and students. I also learned from my students and thus grew with my students. Teaching is not only passing on the knowledge, but also giving students the tool and freedom to learn by themselves.

I value both cognitive and non-cognitive skills. In the classroom, I will teach students non-cognitive skills besides Chinese itself. Second-language learning is a long journey of hard work. Non-cognitive skills such as mindset, self-control, perseverance and curiosity are especially important in the process.

Effective learning of Chinese depends on many factors, family/community can help a lot too. How do you value Chinese language and culture? How much time young kids are exposed to Chinese in their daily life? I encourage parents to communicate with their kids using Chinese as much as possible.

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