Welcome to our school new home

Welcome! This is a demo school.  

You can register family accounts and test drive the system. Please note that the test data will be purged periodically without warning. So please do not enter any real data.

You can also use the default test account: rdwang (pass code 000) for your test. This user is both a parent and a teacher, so you can test family and teacher functions with this account.

If you need to test the school admin features, please use this contact page (www.dreamschool.com/contact) to send in your request. We'll provide you a test school admin account.

Pleaset note that Email function is disabled for this site.

The site has some exciting eatures for teachers, parents and students:

  • teachers can assign homework online, enter students' grades online
  • parents can view homework assignment and students' grade report online
  • parents can pay class registration using paypal online, or pay with check/cash like before
  • Parents can view registration and payment records of any past semesters
  • Students can join a waiting list if a class is full, families get notified automatically when spaces become available
  • a student, parent, teacher and admin will all get a different views after login. Student can choose only to see his/her class pages setup by the teachers
  • everyone can see the class size, number of currently registered and waiting list size if any
  • teachers can contact students online. Students can contact each teacher individually
  • teachers can create and update syllabus online
  • parents, teachers and students can participate in school forum disucssions