English Writing 英文写作(4-5 grade)

Start Time: 
04:00 PM
End Time: 
04:50 PM


Course Description:

The purpose of this course will be to assist students in developing the skills needed to write effectively for a variety of audiences, academic and otherwise. Beginning with a thorough review of English grammar, punctuation, and the essential mechanics of writing, students will learn how to compose wellstructured sentences, paragraphs, and essays. As with any endeavor, to become a competent writer one must spend sufficient time practicing the craft of writing. To that end, students will develop numerous writing samples (essays, autobiographies, stories, etc.), revise them, and seek feedback from others on their work. The skills learned in this course will greatly assist students in furthering theiracademic progress.


**PLEASE NOTE – homework will be given almost every week.

Students will be responsible for completely their weekly word list in conjunction with any other work assigned. All homework assignments will be “graded”.**

Required Materials:

Students must bring the following materials to each class meeting:

1) You must come to class with a positive attitude and a willingness to participate.

2) Pens/pencils and paper

3) Notebook and folder to store handouts

4) Journal

5) Dictionary (there will be a weekly word list assigned each week. At the end of the semester,we will conduct a modified Spelling Bee!!)

**There will be no required textbook for the class. The instructor will provide all relevant handouts.