Math Counts 数学竞赛

Start Time: 
04:00 PM
End Time: 
04:50 PM

2007-2009 MathCounts competition course

What is MathCounts?

MathCounts is a nation-wide mathematics competition for 6-8 grade kids.
It was established in 1982 and is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary.
The goal of MathCounts is to increase enthusiasm and enhance achievement in middle school mathematics throughout the United States.

A MathCounts team consists of 8 students: 4 Team members and 4 individuals.
The 4 team members participate in the team round as well as in the sprint and target rounds.

The 4 individuals only participate in the sprint and target rounds.
A team may also consist of two Alternate members, these Alternates' scores will not officially count (basically a practice)

Sprint Round

The Sprint Round is a fast-paced, 30 question test. Students will have 40 minutes to complete the Sprint Round. Calculators are not permitted in the Sprint Round. Each correct answer is worth one point in the Sprint Round.

Target Round

The Target Round consists of 8 problems, given in pairs of twos. Students have 6 minutes to complete each pair of problems. These problems are relatively more difficult than the problems of the Sprint Round, and as such, calculators are permitted. Each correct answer is worth two points.

The Sprint and Target rounds comprise the individual scores. These scores are used to determine the place of finish of individual students.

Team Round

The team round consists of 10 problems. The 4 team members, working together, will have 20 minutes to solve the 10 problems. Calculators are permitted.

The team round helps in determining the order of finish of teams.
There are competitions at Chapter (Regionals), State, and National levels, top teams and top individuals from each level advance to the next level.


Course description:

We will be practicing past competition questions. Students will first work on accuracy, and then on churning out answers at lightning speed.

Students will be working on Sprint and Target rounds, and will be divided into groups to work on a Team Round.

 The objective is to field a competing team in this year's MathCounts competition. Extracurricular work on MathCounts is strongly encouraged.