AIME数学竞赛 American Invitational Mathematics Examination Prep

Start Time: 
04:00 PM
End Time: 
04:50 PM
Instructor:  Tien-Fu Sun
Class:  4:00pm-5:00pm  Saturdays


As a third-year math teacher at Hope Chinese School, I will emphasize the skills for solving
complicated math problems as well as teaching basic concepts. For certain areas students are
less proficient in, special hand-out sheets are created, distributed, and discussed in class.
It is the teacher's hope that at the end of this semester all students in this class are confident
in problem solving and can handle problems more efficiently.

Introduction on AIME Prep:

One of our advanced classes offered at Hope Chinese School is the 'AIME Prep' mathematics course.
This is the most challenging class for all high school students who love to work on math.

AIME stands for American Invitational Mathematics Examination. It is a 15-problem, 3-hour, 
integer-answer, math exam offered only to selected students who achieved an excellent performance
on the AMC-10 or the AMC-12 exam. A combination of the AIME and the AMC-10 or the AMC-12 scores
are used to determine eligibility for participation in the U.S.A. Mathematical Olympiad, which is
a national math contest for selecting U.S. team to go to worldwide math contest.

This is a great opportunity to build up math skills for students who have taken the AMC-10 or the
AMC-12 exam, and who intend to take the AIME in the near future. Previous AIME problems will be
discussed in each 50-minute class weekly. AIME problems are more sophisticated than those in the
AMC-10 or the AMC-12. Students are encouraged to spend time studying the techniques in problem 
solving after the class.

Students should have a basic math knowledge in number theory, algebra, trigonometry, and geometry
before taking this course. Three-dimensional solid geometry background is highly recommended.