Bilingual Class II 中文小学预备2班(age 9+)

Start Time: 
02:00 PM
End Time: 
03:50 PM

Course Objective:

Instructor will create an enjoyable interactive learning environment  and  give students the opportunities
to practice the oral speaking in the classes. Instructor will provide various activities in reading and
speaking to help expand daily vocabularies especially for younger children .Several techniques would be
used in assisting the students to develop their abilities of reading and speaking Chinese by singing and
playing. They will find learning the Chinese language is not as difficult as they may have thought.

Course Introduction:

This advanced class is combined for beginner's level and level 1 of Practice Chinese, especially for the
young native speakers of English who are learning verbal usage in Mandarin and who have little or no previous
experience in learning Simplified Chinese, as well as in helping non-native Chinese speakers to know literature
and promoting awareness of Chinese Culture and history .

The content of this course contains daily vocabularies as well as conversations as a part the learning process.
Numbers, people, nationality, occupations, family and friends will be primarily introduced to the students step
by step. The flexibility and the delightfulness of a teaching style is surely concerned as well as permeated
during teaching process. As part of the conversation . In order to build confidence in speaking Chinese, the
students will learn identification, greetings, expression at home and in class.

Besides, Chinese Culture and history would be properly introduced through the teaching progress. We feel this
is the effective way of learning reading, writing and speaking Chinese.

All lessons would be effectively taught in Mandarin Chinese with English explanation whenever necessary.
Homework is assigned at each class for students to practice during the week.

For the Beginners I & II and level 1, suitable textbooks would be selected for the instructor to use as
teaching plans.   

Each semester will last 16 weeks. There will be two retained semesters through the academic year of 2007-2008.
The continuation of this subject will be related to the success of the two semesters.