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重要通知 Important Announcement


1:30-2:30 room C102 家長溝通

2:40-3:30 可到子女教室參觀。

2019 Fall semester Chinese Class will begin at 1:30pm and end at 3:30pm.
After school curriculum will begin on August 11th at 3:30pm and end at 4:30pm.

秋季中文上课时间仍然是每周周日下午1点30分至3点30分。课后活动是8月11日开始3 点30分至4点30分。


新学期注册 Registration Information

The school will organize the registration/tuition collection on July 28th between 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM at the church office (2nd floor) and computer room .  On-line early registration will be available July 21, 2019.

Address: 890 W. Ray Road, Chandler, AZ85225


  • The fastest way to register for classes is to register online and printed out the conformation form then bring it to the school on registration day July 28th to speed up the process on registration day. 為了加速注册日注册时间, 請提前在網上註冊,並打印出註冊單于註冊日交费。
  • Please printed out the parent agreement and sign the agreement then bring to the school registration day. 請打印出家長同意書,並簽字于註冊日交給學校。
  • Please bring your checkbook. 請帶上你的支票本。



教务处呼吁所有值班家长共同负起训育的责任, 请家长不要离开校园。除了清理教室卫生和垃圾,上课期间 亦需巡视校园,留心各角落有无异常,下课时辅 导小朋友不要奔跑,去厕所及上下楼梯时要格外 小心!烦请家长们提醒贵子弟务必遵守校规。

Parent volunteers

For parent volunteers , you must stay on campus during the whole duration of school. Other than cleaning the classroom, you are also responsible for patrolling the campus to maintain a safe environment.


为了提供给我们的孩子更好的学习环境, 协助学校各项工作开展以及各项活动之进行,学校需要许多人力支援。欢迎有意愿者, 随时与我们联系。


In order to provide our children a better learning environment to help schools to carry out the work and the various activities, the school requires a lot of manpower support.  Please feel free to contact us if  your are willing to help.

『教養孩童,使他走當行的道, 就是到老,他也不偏離。』箴言22:6

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6


School principle Mei-Ling Chiang contact: 480-599-3115 or meiling.chiang1@gmail.com