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Titlesort iconStartEndTeacherLocationTuition/feeCapacity
A00: Sing & Play (age 3+) 唱游班01:30 PM03:30 PMMaggie Chao 赵慕慈D104230.00/10.0013/25
A01: Chinese Preschool (age 4) 中文學前班01:30 PM03:30 PMTBD TBD 待定D103230.00/15.004/25
B00A:Bilingual Basic (age 5+)双语基础班A01:30 PM03:30 PMJanice Light 張正芬D102230.00/46.0013/25
B01:Bilingual 1 双语一班01:30 PM03:30 PMLinda Liknes 周冬媛B101230.00/46.0010/25
B03: Bilingual 3 双语三班 01:30 PM03:30 PMLiou Lin 林香意B207-2230.00/50.004/25
B04: Bilingual 4 双语四班01:30 PM03:30 PMGrace Zhou 周红D204230.00/50.006/25
B04:Chinese Conversation I 中文初级会话01:30 PM03:30 PMWanda Zhang 張婉飛B207-1230.00/50.004/25
B05: Chinese Conversation II 中文中级会话01:30 PM03:30 PMyou zhou 周游D201230.00/50.007/25
S00:Chinese Kindergarten(age 5-6) 中文幼儿班01:30 PM03:30 PMShengjia Wu 吳盛佳B103230.00/15.007/25
S01:Simplified 1 简体一班01:30 PM03:30 PMHuangHua Wu 吴凰華B110230.00/15.0017/25
S02:Simplified 2 简体二班01:30 PM03:30 PMChang Li 李畅B108230.00/15.0023/25
S03:Simplified 3 简体三班01:30 PM03:30 PMMan Song 宋满B206230.00/15.0012/25
S04:Simplified 4 简体四班01:30 PM03:30 PMPing Fang 方萍B201230.00/15.0014/25
S05:Simplified 5 简体五班01:30 PM03:30 PMXi Wang 王希B203230.00/15.007/25
S06:Simplified 6 简体六班01:30 PM03:30 PMjoy wang 王昭B204230.00/15.0013/25
S07:Simplified 7 简体七班01:30 PM03:30 PMMingmin Li 李明珉D203230.00/15.004/25
S08: Simpliied 8 简体八班01:30 PM03:30 PMYahong Wang 王雅鴻B208-2230.00/15.004/25
S09: Simplified 9 简体九班01:30 PM03:30 PMXiaobo Zhu 朱晓波D203230.00/15.000/25
S10:AP Chinese 中文AP班01:30 PM03:30 PMPing Dai 戴萍B202230.00/26.0011/25
T00: Zhu-Yin (age 5+)注音班01:30 PM03:30 PMMaggie Chao 赵慕慈D102230.00/15.000/25
T02:Traditional 2 正體二班01:30 PM03:30 PMChiaoLing Chang 張巧玲B207-1230.00/15.004/25
T09:Traditional 9 正體九班 01:30 PM03:30 PMHuai-Tzu Chen 沈懷慈D203230.00/15.002/25
Z03: Drawing 绘画班03:30 PM04:30 PMJanice Light 張正芬B109195.00/7/15
Z05: Chinese GO 中国围棋03:30 PM04:30 PMAllen Sun 孙传能B11050.00/15/20
Z07: 二胡班 03:30 PM04:30 PMYahong Wang 王雅鴻B108280.00/4/20
Z08:Wu Shu 武术 (age 5+) 03:30 PM04:30 PMHongru Chen 陈宏儒Dining Room150.00/4/18