Help 帮助

  • How to register ?  (If you need a step-by-step guideline, click here.)
  1. Please Login or Creat a user account, then click on enrollment.
  2. Register one student at a time.
  3. Check the class(es) you want to enroll then click on enroll course button.
  4. No payment will be made online at this point.
  5. Once you register online successfully, please click the "get payment slip" and print out  the confirmation page, bring the confirmation page to the school at the registration day and pay then.
  6. After we receive your payment, the student's registration status will be changed to completion from pending.
  7. Please bring your Check book to the registration day.
  • How to sign up  parent duty ?
1.Log into your account, you will see "Signup Duty" on top left next to your name.

2. Click "Signup Duty",  you will see the page with "available" tab.

3. Click "available" to select date you want to volunteer.

4. After you select date , you will  click  "Sing up for ( your date) ".

5. Your sign up will be completed after you click "Signup".

6. Please repeat above steps to sign up more dates.

  • How to cancel  parent duty ?

1. Log into your account and click " Signup duty" on top left.

2. Your will see the dates you have signed.

3. Click the date you want to cancel.

4. Then click "your signup information" to cancel your signup.

5. Your signup will be canceled after you click " CANCEL SIGNUP".