About School

Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian School (GPCCS), established in 1983, is a non-profit organization. The school, which is affiliated with the Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian Church, aims to introduce the Chinese culture, teach the Chinese language, and assist students in developing characters with Christ’s love. The school has grown to a size of 22 with a total number of over 230  students. Twenty-eight experienced teachers are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service to our students. The school administration team is working closely with our teachers, students and parents to provide a high quality-learning environment. We welcome more local Chinese families as well as American families who are interested in learning Chinese to join in our school. We are looking forward to working with other local Chinese communities in Chandler area.

Board of Directors
Chair: Ken Tong
Member: Zhen Li , Xinli Peng, Meijing Shen, Ping Dai, Sherwin Tang

GPCCS School Administration





Xinli Peng


Vice Principal

Lily Wang

Teacher communication, Textbooks and school supplies

Vice Principal

Allen Chao

School activities,

School Staff

Chenyu Pan

Parents communication, Found raising

School Staff

Beibei Liu, April Wu

Prize house

School staff

Sherwin Tang

PTA chairman

School staff

Kefei Cao

School staff

Chinchen Dong

School Accounting and Finance

School staff

Meggie Mutzu Chao

Recoding financial transitions and payroll preparation

School staff

Database Management

School staff

Parent Activity

Computer/ Web developer

Hanyi Li/ Xiaoyun Gong

Computer teaching / Website, Email, and Newsletter