School Library Policy

A. Library books / items can be checked out only by GPCCC church or GPCCS school members (adults/parents of current students and teachers).

B. Members are free of charge to borrow books.

C. It is member's responsibility to take care of the items during the checkout periods.

D. All materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date. If an individual has any item(s) past due, they cannot check out additional items until the overdue item(s) are returned.

E. Each person may have a maximum of 5 books checked out at any given time.

F. Teachers can check out items until the end of the current semester.

G. Others (parents of students and church members) can check out items for four weeks or until the end of the current semester if less than four weeks remain in the semester.

H. Library hours are Sundays from 1:30 to 4:30pm on days that the Chinese School is open.

I. Books can be returned during library hours by placing them in the “Book Return” box in the library.

J. Teachers and Parents/guardians are responsible for the overdue, lost or damaged materials borrowed by their students or dependent minor child.

K. Fill out and sign GPCCS Library Membership Record form when checkout/due/renew items. The form can be obtained through GPCCS Library staff.

L. Overdue items are subject to a fine of $0.25 per week, up to the price shown on the book or $5 for books without prices on them. If unpaid, fees will be added to registration for the following school year.

M. Donations of Chinese books are very much welcomed!