School Regulations

诗篇 123:3 儿女是耶和华所赐的产业;所怀的胎是他所给的赏赐。

箴言22:6 教养孩童,使他走当行的道,就是到老他也不偏离。


學生守則Student Rules:

順服神- 服從老師和家長的教導,遵守課堂次序與課間安全. Listen and show respect to teachers and parents during classes and breaks

敬畏神- 不在教室、走廊打鬧,跑跳追逐,或做危險動作。不在教室裡吃東西,喝飲料。Do not run, fight, or play dangerous games in the classroom or in the hallway. Do not eat or drink in the classroom.

分享神的愛-与其他孩子分享玩具或共用学习用品。Share toys or school supplies with other children.

彼此相愛- 愛老師,家長及同學,愛人如己。Love the teachers, parents and students, love your neighbor as yourself.

家長守則Parent Rules:

1.教導自己的子女遵守學生守則上的規則,做孩子的榜樣。Help students review and follow the students’ rules.

2. 帮助孩子准备好有关的学习用品﹐如:课本、书包、笔、铅笔盒等等.Help your child prepare for school supplies, such as: books, school bags, pens, pencil boxes and so on.

3.按時將子女送到學校指定的教室, 以保證上課準時進行. 放學後, 按時到學校接學生, 以保障每位學生的安全。Send the your child to the appropriate classroom before the class and must pick up the students after the class dismissal on time for their safety.

4. 督促子女按時完成家庭作業,主動與老師溝通,以利學生學習。Encourage students finish all assignments, and be able to communicate with the teachers.

5. 積極參與學校義工,家長會,履行一學期四小時的家長義工職責(另附)。Must attend the parents meeting, and fulfill the requirements of the volunteer work.

6. 若家長想瞭解子女上課情況而需聽課,須征得教師同意。The parents and guardians must receive the approval from the teacher for listening in the classroom.