Parent Volunteer


  • General Policy:
  1. Our GPCCS is a non-profit organization. All administrative staffs serve on a volunteer basis.
  2. Parent volunteers are very much needed to support our various school functions and programs (ex: office, campus, library, prize store, competition judges, and tutors) , therefore, Each school family is obliged to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per school year.
  3. You may choose the dates and your area of preference during online registration or on registration day. It is on a first come, first serve basis. One week prior to the volunteer duty, you will receive a reminder email or a phone message.
  4. Parent on duty deposit is $ 40 for each family per school year. The deposit is refundable after you complete your assignments of 8 house or can be transferred to next school year.
  5. Parents should sign in and sign out on their days of duty. You should let school know in advance if you are unable to do your day of duty. You must sign up another day as make up.
  6. If assigned volunteers do not serve the required volunteer hours during the school year, a fee of $5 will be added to registration for the following school year.

  • Parents duty tasks detail:

  1. Arrive at school office at 1:30pm. Sign in with PTA lead of the day and collect Orange vests from office and put on.
  2. Assist teachers to make copies for classroom materials as needed.
  3. Help school prize store, Library, competition charges and tutors as needed.
  4. Patrol the hallways, parking lots, playground, especially during recessions, to ensure the safety of students. No running and no shouting allowed in the hallway. No crossing street outside the school perimeter during school hour. No loud talking during class time. '
  5. At 3:30pm , clean the classroom and take the trash out. Then return your Orange vest to office and put it back in box. sign yourself out in the sing in/Out sheet and inform PTA lead for your departure.
  • How to sign up  parent duty ?

1. Log into your account, you will see "Signup Duty" on top left.

2. Then click "Signup Duty",  you will see the page with "available" tab.

3. Then click "available" to select date you want to volunteer.

4. After you select date , you will  click  "Sing up for ( your date) ".

5. Your sign up will be completed after you click "Signup".

6. Please repeat above steps to sign up more dates.

  • How to cancel  parent duty date ?

1. Log into your account and click " Signup duty" on top left.
2. Your will see the dates you have signed.

3. Click the date you want to cancel.

4. Then click "your signup information" to cancel your sigup.

5. Your sigup will be canceled after you click " CANCEL SIGNUP".