Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers,


If you are an existing student and have already had a family account created, you may proceed to LOGIN 登录. If you forgot your password, on the login page, click on Forgot Password 忘记密码 and follow the direction for password recovery. If you had a account, there is no need to create a new account. If you have issue with enrollment, feel free to contact registration@columbus-occs.org. 您若曾建立过帐户,请不要再开新账户。如若有问题,请和学校联系(registration@columbus-occs.org)。



If you haven't created an family account, you need to create one by clicking the "LOGIN 登录" and then "Create New Family Account 新开帐户".

Once the account is created, you will be able to add your family members and register for classes.

Here are the basic steps to complete your registration:

  1. Create a New Account, if you haven't done so, make sure the information entered are current and accurate, especially your email address. All school communication will be sent via e-mails.
  2. Login, if you already have an existing account. You may login using your user name, email address, or your phone number.
  3. Add your family members. Make sure the information entered are current and correct.
  4. Enroll Class(s) by clicking "My Family 我的家庭" and then "Enrollment". Select a student,  select classes for the student, and then click "Enroll".
  5. Send in Registration Confirmation with Payment. When you finished registration, click "Get Payment Slip" to verify the registration confirmation and print it out.

The Registration Confirmation Slip must be accompanied with the correct amount of tuition and security deposit (in separate checks only, no cash),and mail them to OCCS Registration, P.O.Box 82578, Columbus, OH 43202. Payment must be received within two weeks of registration to secure your registration. The $15 late fee will apply after the open enrollment period by postmark.

Any question on classes or registration process, you may email to registration@columbus-occs.org.

OCCS School Administration