Online School Management System

Dream School Manager (DSM) is a powerful online school management system.  This system best serves "family-centric" community schools. 

In a family-centric school, parents register a family account with the school online. Parents then choose what courses to enroll their children in. Managing these types of schools provides a unique set of challenges compared with typical public schools. DSM is specifically designed to meet these challenges.

Dream School Manager has some exciting features for teachers, parents and students:

  • Teachers can assign homework and enter students' grades online
  • Parents can view homework assignment and students' grade report online
  • Parents can pay class registration using paypal online, or pay with check/cash
  • Parents can view registration and payment records of any past semesters
  • School can create parent duty assignments, and parents can sign up for duties
  • Students can join a waiting list if a class is full - families are notified automatically when spaces become available
  • Students, parents, teachers and admins can each customize what appears on their homepage after logging in - for example, students can choose only to see their class pages setup by their teachers
  • Everyone can see the class size, number of students currently registered and wait list size if any
  • Teachers can contact students online, and students can contact each teacher individually
  • Teachers can create and update syllabuses online
  • Parents, teachers and students can participate in school forum discussions

Dream School Manager (DSM) is built on top of Drupal (, the top Content Management System). DSM inherits all the poweful functions offered by Drupal system. All the web contents are dynamic. The menus, themes and page layout can all be customized for each site.

Click to test drive the demo system. This demo site uses a Chinese language school as an example. A real school can select any language that fits school's requirement.

Click to see the user guide for families.

Click to see the user guide for teachers.

Sample screen shots:

Family-view of student grades (screen shot):

Teacher assigns homework and enters grades (screen shot):

Family making credit payment using paypal (screen shot):

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